99% of the time, I am going to make a decision on whether I can sell you to my client in the first 60 seconds of meeting you, sometimes less.

  • Don't ring me for directions on how to get to my office. Google Maps / whereis.com / 12456 - anything is better than letting me know you don't understand how to navigate the unfamiliar.

  • Make sure your hair was cut recently and your nasal hair is non-existent or at least tucked away in its appropriate passage.

  • Don't be early to our scheduled interview. More than 10 mins early is as unattractive as being late.

  • Take your sunglasses off your head, don't smoke a cigarette in the hour preceding our meeting and remove anything from your mouth or face that was not attached to your body when you came into the world.

  • Wear deodorant/aftershave/perfume, but not enough that I can smell it before I see you.

  • You should be wearing a corporate suit and I should not be able to see your toes.

  • Don't be on your phone when I greet you. Or if you are, hang up immediately as I approach.

  • Shake my hand - firmly. Even though I'm female and you're male. Or you're female and I'm female. And make some eye contact whilst you're doing it.

  • Accept the water/tea/coffee when asked. We are attempting to build a relationship here - you really should be saying yes to a line of wasabi if I offer it.

  • Push the small talk as we walk towards our interview room - traffic, weather, something in your resume that I mention we have in common, anything to enable walking and talking at the same time

If you can get these things right, we are more than half way there!

Kara Atkinson