I do find it ironic the massive groundswell of love and recognition that occurs once someone has passed. Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie - the list is long of people who's lights had dimmed prior to being extinguished permanently.

Imagine if they knew what they had meant to people when they were still on earth?

And then I wonder. How does this extend to people inside my own orbit? People that may be between roles, have been made redundant with no warning, can't get in front of recruiters, are desperately seeking a new source of income.

Imagine if we wrote messages not commencing with RIP, but LIP - Live in Peace?

A recognition TODAY of what you mean to me and your loved ones. Not after you're gone or on your birthday. Today.

Writing a LIP for your loved one because afterwards is too late.

And what if receiving a LIP was just the thing your person needed that day to feed their soul or motivate them to keep going? ✌🏼

Kara Atkinson